Dental Implants

Benefits from Dental Implants:

  • An excellent way to replace one or multiple missing teeth!
  • An excellent way to anchor loose or unstable dentures!
  • Will last a lifetime with proper care!

Dental Implants - Dental Health Experts - Temple Terrace, FL

Dental Implants are the absolute best way available to replace missing teeth as well as anchor an unstable or ill-functioning denture. In either case, implants significantly improve the patient’s quality of life.

In the case of one or more missing teeth, the implant/s will replace the missing teeth allowing the patient to feel as if the tooth were never lost.

In the case of dentures, implants greatly improve the patient’s quality of life by allowing the denture to anchor to the teeth, keeping the the teeth stable and stationary during chewing and speaking.

Implants work well for a variety of patient needs and are a great advancement in the goal of improving lives. There are 2 types of dental implants commonly used today.

  • Standard Implants – Standard implants are very predictable and strong. In addition these standard implants boast a success rate of nearly 95% in healthy patients.
  • Mini-Implants – Mini-Implants, on the other hand, are much weaker, far less successful and commonly become infected shortly after they are placed. Many times Mini-implants must be removed due to post-operative infections. The high failure rate of Mini implants does not make them a good long term option for replacing teeth and stabilizing dentures.

Many dental chains and discount dentistry clinics sell mini implants to patients very inexpensively and never discuss the fact that the patient is not receiving standard implants. The patient is so focused on the low price that the quality and success rate of the implants are not discussed. This is unfortunate because the patient will be in for a disappointment when the mini implants fail and must be removed requiring a second surgical procedure. If your discount dentist or dental chain is offering you implants at the price of $300.00-$600.00 dollars each, you can almost be certain that these are clinically inferior Mini-implants. Please make sure you are fully informed regarding the type of implants being used to avoid expensive and disappointing results and consequences.

At Dental Health Experts, we offer only treatment options that will last long into the future and provide the very best is success and function. If you feel that you may benefit from implants or would like to learn more, call today for a free consultation.

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