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Partial and Denture discount - save $500
Partial and Denture discount - save $500
Partial and Denture patient


A partial is a custom made dental appliance for people who are missing some, but not all of their teeth. A partial replaces all of the missing teeth in one whole arch. In other words, if a person is missing five teeth on top and five teeth on bottom, an upper partial would replace the five missing upper teeth, and a lower partial would replace the five missing lower teeth.

Partials are a great way to replace missing teeth if finances are limited or the patient desires a solution that they can take out of the mouth to clean. A partial is a great and economic way to replace a lot of missing teeth at once for a better smile and better function. At Dental Health Experts, we use only high quality materials and very skilled and experienced labs to make partials for our patients. If you feel that a Partial may be right for you, call Dental Health Experts at (813) 370-0964 for a free consultation! 

Dentist showing denture model

Dentures (Also Called Plates)

Dentures are needed when all of the teeth must be extracted due to severe dental or periodontal disease. At the first visit, an impression is taken and the denture is made before the patients teeth are removed. This way, the patient never has to be without teeth because the denture is ready for insertion on the day the teeth are removed. At Dental Health Experts we custom fit dentures using only the very best materials and dental labs. The patient gets to pick the shape, shade, and look of their new teeth. A well made set of modern, high quality dentures will look and fit so well that only your dentist will know that you’re wearing a denture. Since our goal is always to have happy patients, we make sure the patient is fully satisfied with the fit and function of each and every denture that we make.

If you have been considering dentures or would like to learn if dentures may be a good solution for you call Dental Health Experts at (813) 370-0964 for a free denture consultation!

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