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Have you been interested in straightening your smile, but dread the thought of wearing brackets and wires? Now you have a new option! With ClearCorrect clear aligners, you can feel in control of your orthodontic journey. Aligners are not bonded to the teeth and can be easily removed at any time – but why would you want to?

ClearCorrect was designed with comfort and style in mind. With the aligner’s sleek and discreet appearance paired with smooth, strong plastic, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice you’re wearing them – in fact, you may even forget! 

At Dental Health Experts, we find this to be just one of many ways that we show our patients we care. By providing only the best solutions, no matter the patient’s individual needs or interests, we are doing dentistry differently. When you are ready to get your smile aligned in Temple Terrace, FL, you know who to call! Our friendly team is eager to help you.

Why Orthodontics?

The goal of orthodontic care is to make the smile look better and to improve the health and function of the teeth. As many patients may know, this field of dentistry focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities in the bone structure of the facial region – particularly the jawbone and teeth. When these abnormalities occur and persist, they can limit our ability to chew food properly, speak clearly, and smile confidently. In extreme cases, poor tooth alignment can lead to impaction, tooth and bone loss, cyst development, and infections.

While most often, orthodontic care is provided in adolescents (between the ages of 11 and 13), many adults come to us to straighten their smiles too – especially with ClearCorrect! According to the American Association of Orthodontics, one in five patients is over 21 when they begin orthodontic treatment. Options like ClearCorrect are simply making this much easier, as they do not require the same kind of lifestyle changes that wearing braces requires.

Why ClearCorrect?

As mentioned above, ClearCorrect is a popular option among many adult patients because it allows the patient to continue with their routine without interruption. With the busy lifestyles often occurring in late teen years and adulthood, these aligners accommodate the patient by being concealable, comfortable, and performing their job without a hassle! 

Simply slip them over your smile and only remove them to brush or floss your teeth, or while enjoying your favorite meals or beverages. This means you will not have to adhere to any dietary restrictions or avoid your favorite foods! 

We believe that the ideal treatment for orthodontics is one that works while you maintain your normal routine; this allows you to continue getting fulfillment out of your life without ever feeling the need to hide your smile, turn away your favorite food, or fight through gum irritation and swelling that is common with braces. 

With ClearCorrect, the journey is yours and the destination is worth every step.

Caring For You Today, For A Better Smile Tomorrow

At Dental Health Experts, we don’t just say we want the best for our patients – we show that as well! By keeping you educated at every step of your orthodontic journey, hearing and responding to your concerns, and answering your questions with utmost attention, we believe that this creates the best possible results while keeping you smiling throughout the process. Not only do we strive for success in treatment, but we always want you to be comfortable and feel in control of your experience.

When you partner with a team that puts your needs first, you can be assured you will receive top-notch care. Contact our office today if you want to learn more about ClearCorrect!

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