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What’s keeping you from achieving the smile you’ve always wanted? Is it just out of reach, but you’re unsure how to fix the imperfections? At Dental Health Experts, we’ve got you covered!

Beginning with a free cosmetic evaluation, we guide our patients through the process of determining what it takes to make their smile perfect! With a variety of cosmetic procedures to choose from, we work together to establish a plan that takes your smile to the next level.

Are you ready for something to smile about? Contact our Temple Terrace, FL, office today and ask our team about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you!

Crowns & Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are wonderful options that allow you to enhance your smile. While these restorative options are capable of reinforcing the function and strength of your teeth, they restore the appearance as well! 

  • A dental crown can be used to encapsulate a natural tooth that is broken, decayed, or dull in appearance. Carefully colored and shaped to match your surrounding teeth, these prosthetic pieces are cemented over the natural tooth to create a blendable, dependable smile for the next 15 years!
  • Dental bridges are fantastic options for patients with one or more missing teeth in a sequence. Missing teeth can not only impact your ability to chew and speak properly, but they can also diminish your confidence. A bridge serves the purpose of concealing the gap by utilizing a row of three or more dental crowns fused together; the crowns on either end of the bridge are cemented over your natural teeth, while the crown(s) in the center fill in for missing teeth. When well cared for, bridges can last up to seven years before needing to be replaced.

Composite Fillings

When your tooth has a cavity, it is imperative that the problem be treated as soon as possible to ensure decay does not intensify or reach the interior of the tooth. Cavities begin as very small openings in the tooth enamel that tunnel into the dentin layer of the tooth; this can lead to extreme temperature sensitivity and toothaches. When you visit our team to have a cavity filled, we will perform this procedure with composite material.

Composite fillings are among the most loved advances in dentistry, as it allows tooth decay to be treated and hides any signs of dental work being done. Composite is a strong, durable material once cured and is capable of matching the exact shade of the tooth. 

  • Once a cavity has been removed from the tooth, we fill in the opening with composite and sculpt it to match the shape of the tooth. 
  • We will then cure the material in place and complete any polishing or shaping to ensure it looks incredible!


Dental veneers are thin porcelain or composite shells that are used to give a whole new look to the smile! Custom-made to fit your teeth, veneers can easily conceal anything from cracks to gaps, dull shades and stains, or even change the size of your teeth! Within only two office visits, patients can enjoy a brand new smile with dental veneers; the process goes as follows:

  • During the first appointment, we will prepare the teeth by having a small layer of enamel removed. This is so that veneers lay seamlessly against the tooth without appearing bulky or irritating the gums.
  • We will then take an impression of your teeth to create the perfect veneers for you!
  • When you visit for your next appointment, veneers will be individually bonded to each of your teeth with dental cement.
  • By brushing and flossing regularly and avoiding biting hard foods (candy, ice cubes, etc), veneers can last between seven and fifteen years.

It’s important that if you are considering dental veneers, you take into consideration the long-term effect of the preparation process. Once enamel is removed from your teeth, it will not grow back. Your teeth will require veneers for the rest of your life to protect from decay and sensitivity.

Working Together To Achieve Your Goals

When you are ready to achieve the smile of your dreams, we recognize that this is a big deal for you! It’s likely that you’ve thought of this new look for a long time and that you have high expectations for the results – and you should! It’s your smile, and it should be nothing less than the best. That’s why we encourage you to rely on the true professionals at Dental Health Experts to bring your vision to life! 

Nothing can be more disappointing than spending money on whitening products in stores or investing in products online that don’t deliver. When you choose us, you’re selecting a team backed by years of experience and success in the field of dentistry and countless happy, healthy smiles to prove what we can do! 

Don’t just take our word for it, though – call our office to schedule an appointment and see how our team can transform your smile and change your life!

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