Our New Patient Special: Cleaning, Exam, and X-Ray in One!

New Patient Special

It’s tough to have a great smile without great teeth, but dental treatments can be expensive. At Dental Health Experts we believe that dental care should be affordable, and if you’re a new customer, we offer you a great deal with our new patient special.

For just $59, our new patients get a full dental cleaning, exam, and x-rays too. This package isn’t just for you, it makes our lives easier as well! You might be wondering if all this is necessary, so let us tell you why it is.

Full Cleaning

Let’s start off with a full professional cleaning. Sure, this will make your teeth look and feel better, but there’s a good reason for cleaning. Cleaning will help prevent gum disease, so you won’t lose your teeth early. Gum disease is also linked to cardiovascular diseases, so you’ll be lowering your risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Plus, this is when an examination of your mouth itself (as opposed to your teeth and gums) will happen. In the U.S. one person an hour dies from oral cancers; detecting these mouth cancers early means a much greater chance of survival.

A clean mouth also makes it easier to spot potential problems in your teeth when we move on to your dental exam.

FAQ: Does a dental cleaning hurt?

Not really, though it might be a little uncomfortable. Most dental cleanings are done with ultrasonic equipment these days, so less of that scraping that you might have been used to in the past.

Dental Exam

A thorough dental exam will let us check the current state of your teeth. This is where we’ll find out if you need cavities filling, or have other tooth related problems. We can then come up with a treatment plan that works for you. Getting those cavities filled now will prevent future pain, and stop problems getting worse (and more expensive to solve).

A dental exam will also provide us with the records we need to track future changes in your teeth and gum health, so we can spot future problems fast.

And the X-Rays…

Finally, we’ll get some x-rays. X-rays are essential in dentistry, because they allow us to see what’s happening inside your teeth and below/above the gum line. With x-rays we can see plaque or decay that otherwise might be invisible, as well as being able to check that the roots of your teeth are healthy and strong.

And again, x-rays provide us with records that help us track changes in your mouth so we can see how problems evolve.

FAQ: Should I be worried about radiation?

No, dental x-rays are very low radiation. In fact, you’re exposed to less radiation during a dental x-ray than you are exposed to during a normal sunny day outside. The only exception to this is if you could be pregnant, so be sure to let us know if this is a possibility.

Cleaning, exam and x-ray, all are key parts of your initial visit to us. Our special offer is a bargain for all of us. You get an affordable first visit to our practice, and we get all we need to make sure you have the best ongoing dental care. And that means you’ll have a great smile as you walk out our door!

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