Tooth Colored Filling

Tooth colored filling patient

Tooth Colored Fillings are used to treat the harmful cavities and bacteria that cause tooth decay. They are strongly bonded to the teeth, unlike old fashioned metal-mercury fillings that often leak and deteriorate. The color of your teeth is closely matched so they look natural…no one will ever know you have them, other than your dentist of course!

tooth colored filling comparison image

When a tooth has a small to medium sized cavity, a filling is typically performed to remove the cavity and replace the tooth structure that the cavity destroyed. When a filling is needed, our highly trained dentists will remove all of the tooth decay(cavity) from your tooth and then bond in a beautiful tooth colored filling so that the proper form and function is returned to the tooth. Dental Health Experts only uses the most natural looking and highest quality materials to do tooth colored fillings. Tooth colored fillings look just like the natural tooth so the unsightly appearance of dark mercury amalgam fillings in not present. With proper care, tooth-colored fillings can last many years.

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